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Our practice offers a full range of physiotherapist services through a professional team of four therapists. Three of them are specialized in manual therapy and one is working as a physio­thera­pist, with experience in sports-related disorders.

Manual therapy is focused on resolving musculoskeletal disorders (pain and disability) by using mobilizing techniques, to improve joint mobility. This allows fast  recovery to return to work, home or sports activities. Physiotherapy is focused on exercise programs and muscle disorders. The manual therapists and the physio­thera­pist are working closely together. Homevisits, in case of  people with severe disability, are possible.

All therapists are registered in the Dutch BIG-register, as well as in the Dutch Central Quality register of the KNGF/NVMT.

All services are provided at two locations: Voorschoten and in Leidschendam. In both locations is also a pedicure working, with specialization in diabetes.